Intune AutoPilot – invalid_client error failed%20to%20authenticate%20user

After the user credentials are validated in the Intune AutoPilot enrollment, the following error message comes up. invalid_client error failed%20to%20authenticate%20user. The detailed error is as below. Something went wrongLooks like we can’t connect to the URL for your organization’s MDM terms of use. Try again or contact your system administrator with problem information from this

Windows 365 PC & Issue With Activating Office Apps

While trying out the ‘new’ Windows 365 PC, I came across an issue with the pre-installed Office suite. The Office activation failed and the error message below came up.

“Account Issue: The products we found in your account cannot be used to activate Office in shared computer scenarios.”

Jailbroken Devices Condition Cannot Be Removed In Intune

Microsoft has updated the conditional launch around jailbroken devices in an Intune application protection policy to block access by default. This setting cannot be removed by an administrator anymore. The only two options available for jailbroken devices are ‘block access’ and ‘wipe data’. For organizations that had previously removed jailbroken or rooted devices conditional launch

External Email Tagging In Exchange Online

Microsoft has released a new feature to make it easier for organizations to flag external emails to the users. Companies have been creative in the past to accomplish this task by using transport rules. I am sure all of you have seen these banners, in all colours & design over the years to flag internal

Office 365 Mailbox Move Fails – The Remote Server Returned An Error (401) Unauthorized.

I came across the call to ‘ failed error while trying to move a mailbox from Exchange on-premise to Office 365. While the first line of the error message suggests a network connectivity issue in reaching my EWS endpoint, the full error message gave the bigger picture.  Error: The call to ‘’ failed. Error details:

Azure AD Connect Not Synchronizing Shared and Resource Mailboxes

I was at a customer site who was having issues with Azure AD Connect not synchronizing shared and resource mailboxes to Office 365. In short, any accounts that is in a disabled state. By default, Azure AD Connect does synchronize disabled accounts. In an Exchange hybrid deployment, it is crucial that the shared and resource

Scripting Agent Initialization Failed: “File is not found” Error During Exchange 2016 Setup

Scripting Agent Initialization Failed: “File is not found” error came up during an Exchange 2016 Setup into an existing Exchange 2010 environment.  The error message is descriptive enough to make us understand that it is something to do with scripting agent within the Exchange environment. The scripting agent is not one of those features that

[Solved] Hybrid Configuration Wizard Stuck on ‘Adding Federated Domain’ Stage

How to go past the ‘Adding Federated Domain’ status in the hybrid configuration wizard, while running from an Exchange 2016 CU7 server? More… I have come across this issue a couple of times now and mostly while the server from which I am running the hybrid configuration wizard is Exchange 2016 CU7. This is not