Jailbroken Devices Condition Cannot Be Removed In Intune

Microsoft has updated the conditional launch around jailbroken devices in an Intune application protection policy to block access by default. This setting cannot be removed by an administrator anymore. The only two options available for jailbroken devices are ‘block access’ and ‘wipe data’. For organizations that had previously removed jailbroken or rooted devices conditional launch

External Email Tagging In Exchange Online

Microsoft has released a new feature to make it easier for organizations to flag external emails to the users. Companies have been creative in the past to accomplish this task by using transport rules. I am sure all of you have seen these banners, in all colours & design over the years to flag internal

Figure Out Office 365 Datacentre Locations In A Region

One of the first questions that you get from the security folks who will be involved in an Office 365 migration project is the actual location of the organization data. While you can broadly answer the locations as US, EU etc, I am sure they will want a more precise answer.

Move Core Data Back To UK Datacentres For Compliance

UK based organizations may have a requirement to have their data at rest in a UK based Office 365 datacentre. It may be to satisfy compliance requirements or due to the upcoming Brexit. Microsoft has an answer for organizations that fall in this category – move your data back!

Change Bad Items Limit Of Failed Move Request On The Fly

Failed move requests is a common occurance in any Exchange migration, whether it is to a new version of on-prem Exchange or to Office 365. One of the main reasons for a failed move is that there are more bad items in the mailbox than what is set on the move request. 

Free Busy Not Working From Office 365 To On-Premise

A common problem that I have seen at client sites is the free/busy failure while looking up an on-premise mailbox from a migrated user. In this article, we will look at the common steps to troubleshoot the issue.