About Me – The Content In Chief

Hello, My name is Rajith Enchiparambil and I work as a Cloud Architect in London. I work as a freelancer and hence move from one company to the other. This gives me the flexibility to know more about how various companies configure and manage their systems. I have been in IT for the last 19 years, with prime focus on Microsoft 365, AWS & Azure. I have worked for most of the major consultancy practices like HP, Siemens, AtoS, CapGemini, Computacenter, mainly working for their large corporate clients in the UK. I am active on Experts Exchange, TechNet forums and I am a technical author for SearchExchange (TechTarget) as well.

My Story

I started this website way back in 2007 under the name HowExchangeWorks (dot) Com as a memory dump of the issues I have seen over the years, but it has grown to a blog with how-to-do / how-to-fix articles, bugs, new features, tools, in depth articles around Microsoft 365, PowerShell, AWS, Linux & Azure, with majority of the content around Microsoft 365 & Azure. I re-branded the site to Cloudiffic to accommodate the wider community covering the cloud technologies including AWS, M365 & Microsoft Azure. The site has more than 950 articles with 3900+ comments from readers and is very popular in the Microsoft 365 community & I thank you for the support over the years.

My goal is to share my experiences, lessons learned the hard way, tips and tricks here thereby helping the Microsoft 365 & Azure community in a small way. If you want me to cover a specific topic, please drop me a line. It’s always good to have your feedback.

Once again, thanks a lot for taking your time to get to know me and I look forward to connecting with you. Follow me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Have a good day.