Bulk Editing In 2010 EMC…

Bulk editing of user attributes is not possible using EMC in Exchange 2007, even with SP2. You can select more than one user, but can’t bring the properties. You have to use the shell to edit user attributes in bulk.

Bulk Editing In 2007 SP2

Things have changed in Exchange 2010, that you are able to edit attributes in bulk using the console. Let me explain with an example, say I want to change the country of few of my users to UK. I can select the users in bulk, right click and bring the properties.

Bulk Editing In 2010

The entire property set is being displayed. Navigate to the “Address & Phone” tab and select UK as the country & click Apply.

Bulk Edit

A confirmation dialog box is presented to let the admin know that he/she is making changing to more than one user. Click OK to accept & the changes are made to all the selected users.

Bulk Edit Confirmation

This is a very useful feature, especially for those who are not that comfortable with exchange shell. It will be nice to have this in Exchange 2007 as well. Hopefully Microsoft is listening…

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  1. Wow thats a terrific new feature, going to make a lot of administration tasks a lot easier for people who don't understand the shell.


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