Calendar Settings In Exchange 2010…

Exchange 2010 Management Console gives administrator an option to automate processing of user’s calendar. It is provided as a new tab named “Calendar Settings” in user’s properties.

The calendar agent is enabled for all new users by deafult and two options are selected.

  • Remove old meeting requests and responses
  • Mark new meeting requests as tentative.

This is totally new in 2010!

4 thoughts on “Calendar Settings In Exchange 2010…”

  1. Hey I recently created a mailbox to be used by a group. I gave the group full management over this group. I then was told they could not access the calendar and get that setup. I was a bit confused as their group had been given full rights to their mailbox. The attendant did not have a check mark in it by default. I went ahead and put the check mark in there and asked them to try again in a couple hours. this is exchange 2010. Is the the problem why they could not access the calendar because there was not a checkbox in there?

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