Change Bad Items Limit Of Failed Move Request On The Fly

Failed move requests is a common occurance in any Exchange migration, whether it is to a new version of on-prem Exchange or to Office 365. One of the main reasons for a failed move is that there are more bad items in the mailbox than what is set on the move request. 



  • You have a failed move request for a mailbox that you want to migrate to Office 365.
  • The move request has the default bad items limit configured.
  • You don't want to remove the move request and start from scratch.

Removing the move request and creating a new one for the failed mailbox with a higher bad items limit will definitely work, but we don't want to go through that hassle.

Easiest Solution

  • The best option is to use the Set-MoveRequest command and stamp the bad items limit to a value of your choice.​
  • The syntax is Set-MoveRequest -identity id -BadItemsLimit number
  • Once that is set, resume the move request.
  • The syntax is Resume-MoveRequest -identity id
  • The status of the move request will change from Failed to In Progress.

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