How To Change Microsoft Teams Ringtone & Dance Away

Learn how to change the ringtone in Microsoft Teams on the Windows client, web app & mobile devices. The new ringtone will definitely put you in a good mood!

Not many users know that they can change their Microsoft Teams ringtone & choose something that elevates their mood rather than the default one that they have had it for years. It might even put them in a happy mood especially if you are working from home and have the speakers on!

Microsoft has released a ‘Remix’ ringtone which will make you want to dance or atleast put you in a good mood. Give that a try.

How can we change the Teams ringtone in Windows?

The ability to change the ringtone has always been there, but I bet not many know about it.

Click on your account (photo) on the top right corner within Teams and select ‘Manage Account’.

Click on ‘Calls’ & you have the option to change ringtones for direct, forwarded and delegated calls.

The ringtones are set to the default one out of the box. Click the drop down, try the ones using the play button and select the one you like.

How to change the ringtone in Web App?

You can follow the same steps above to change the ringtone if you are a Teams Web App user. If you have changed the setting in the Windows client, it will be reflected in the web app automatically. You do not have to set it up on the web app separately.

How to change the ringtone on mobiles?

Same story as the web app! If the ringtone has been changed either on the Windows client or web app, it will be reflected automatically on the mobile phones as the app settings are streamlined.

Now let’s get rid of the ‘old’ ringtone & get a ‘modern’ one ;-)

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