Changes made to Exchange are not reflected straightaway…

There are number of scenarios where you make a change in exchange server, but the change is not set straightaway. Following are few of them which makes any administrator go wild…

  • Maximum message size limits have been changed, but emails are not flowing
  • Mailbox size has been increased, but user can’t send emails
  • User can’t access another mailbox even after giving him full control
  • User can’t send as or send on behalf of another user, though the permission is set

So, what is the problem? Why doesn’t exchange recognize the change that you have made? Is it a bug? No!

This is by design. Exchange caches most of the settings and permissions & it can take upto two hours for the server to “pickup” the changes that you have made. There is nothing much you can do about it to change the way exchange updates its cache. You need to restart the Information Store service, if you want the changes to be applied immediately.

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