Changing Help URLs In Exchange 2010…

By default, the Help urls in Exchange 2010 points to where there isn’t much information regarding on-premise Exchange deployment. Some companies might have their own SharePoint site where help files are located. For example, a company can publish their Helpdesk details in Outlook Web App and Exchange Control Panel so that a user can quickly contact the team if they have any issues.

Similarly in large corporates, Exchange is managed by a number of teams. It will be easier if the help url in the EMC opens up an internal/external site where all information (phone numbers, email, distribution groups etc) regarding different teams are published.

I just came across this option and thought of sharing it. The default values for the help file is exposed by running Set-ExchangeAssistanceConfig in the shell.

Exchange Assistance Config Default

Though there are many options, only ControlPanelHelpURL, ManagementConsoleHelpURL, OWAHelpURL and OWALightHelpURL can be set, as the rest of them are reserved for internal Microsoft use.

Run the following command to change the EMC Help url.

Change console help

This changes the Help URL in EMC.

Help url in EMC 2010

Similarly, run the command below to change the OWAHelpURL and the changes will be reflected the next time you use OWA.

Change owa help

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  1. Ahhh does work though if your support url doesn’t strip the junk it adds i’ve had to add a stupid redirect to make this work. anyways….


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