Checking Exchange 2010 Database Size Using A One-Liner…

Checking the size of the mailbox database is not easy in Exchange 2007. This is because of the fact that Get-MailboxDatabase doesn’t have the a databasesize attribute when used with the –Status switch.

Fortunately, things have changed in Get-MailboxDatabase command in Exchange 2010. In order to find the size of mailbox databases, run the following command

Get-MailboxDatabase –Status | fl name, databasesize

Get database size in Exchange 2010

Good that the command has been improved in 2010 to give the functionality out of the box!

8 thoughts on “Checking Exchange 2010 Database Size Using A One-Liner…”

  1. As your database grows, when are these numbers updated? We recently started auto-archiving and the DB sizes of the archive DBs have not changed [yet].

    • Hi Jeff,

      It should be updated as it goes along. If you have white space, that will be used first and hence the actual size of the database won’t grow.


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