Clear Microsoft Teams Cache On All Device Types

Learn how to clear the Teams cache on Windows, Mac, Android or Apple devices to fix Teams running slow or getting hung.

As Microsoft Teams is one of the go to tools for collaboration in organizations, everyone is using it for all things work related. Over time, you notice that Teams is really slow or it takes a long time to load. Clearing the cache will be a quick fix to get it up and running properly.

How To Clear Microsoft Teams Cache In Windows?

The process is pretty straightforward in Windows.

To get started, close the Teams app from the task bar – right click on the icon and quit.

Launch the run tab by right clicking on Start button & selecting run. You can also use Windows Key & R if you are quick on the keyboard. Type in %appdata%/Microsoft and press the OK button (hitting the enter key also works).

Select the folder named Teams, right click and delete.

Launch the Teams app and login.

Deleting the Teams folder will NOT erase your chat history or membership to various groups within Teams. Logging into Teams will take longer after clearing the cache as it needs to download all the required files and start caching again. This is quite normal. 

How To Clear Teams Cache On Mac?

The process here is the same as well. We need to get to the cached files & delete them so that the application will rebuild the cache.

Make sure the Teams app is fully closed by right clicking on the Teams icon in the dock and selecting Quit.

Open the Terminal by using the Spotlight Search button or by navigating to Finder -> Applications -> Utilities folder & double clicking the Terminal icon.

Enter the following command on the Terminal window & press return.

rm -r ~/Library/Application\ Support/Microsoft/Teams

Close Terminal and restart the Teams app.

How To Clear The Cache On Android Device?

Open Settings within Android device and select Storage -> Apps (Other Apps).

Find Teams from the list of apps and select it.

Click the button to clear the cache.

How To Clear Cache On iPhone or iPad?

Apple doesn’t have a clear cache button like the Android. You can either offload or delete the Teams app and install it again. Offloading the Teams app will erase all of it’s temporary data including the cache, but it will keep the app’s icon & core files on the device. Both offloading and deleting Teams app will clear the cache.

Open settings on the Apple device. Navigate to General -> iPhone / iPad storage.

Pick Teams from the list of all applications on the device & click ‘Offload App’.

The PowerShell Way

If you want to use PowerShell to clear the cache, it is a one-liner (as we are only deleting the contents of a folder on the machine). Run the below code from PowerShell. You will need to close Teams first.

Get-ChildItem -Path $env:APPDATA\"Microsoft\teams" | Remove-Item -Recurse -Confirm:$false

You can also close Teams from the PowerShell if you prefer by running the one-liner below.

Get-Process -ProcessName Teams | Stop-Process -Force

Clearing the cache has brought Teams back to life for me couple of times. I have also passed on this little ‘trick’ to colleagues who had their Teams hung in the middle of a meeting. Let me know if you have come across sluggish performance from the Teams app.

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