Cloudmark Engine Update Failure In Forefront Protection 2010 For Exchange; An Error Occurred While Processing The Universal Manifest…

I am noticing a failure in Cloudmark engine update in Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server from last saturday, 7th August 2010. Nothing has been changed in my environment. Engine summary shows that Cloudmark engine update has failed.

Cloudmark failure

Event viewer has an entry with the following error message.

Microsoft Forefront Protection encountered an error while performing a scan engine update.
   Scan Engine: Cloudmark
   Update Path:
   Error Detail: An error occurred while processing the universal manifest.

Cloudmark error

But, the “definition version” column shows the last update with the most recent time.

Def version cloudmark

I am a bit confused as to whether the update is actually happening, as the definition version is up-to-date with a failure in engine summary and event viewer.

Anyone else has the same issue? I will update the post once I have more information.


Microsoft has fixed whatever the issue was and my cloudmark engine is up-to-date again.


All green in the console as well.

All green

13 thoughts on “Cloudmark Engine Update Failure In Forefront Protection 2010 For Exchange; An Error Occurred While Processing The Universal Manifest…”

  1. Hi,

    I am having the same problem what you mentioned. all the engines are not updated and no response from Microsoft. i had installed exchange server with TMG for Exchange with two NIC in workgroup environment. please help me in this.

  2. Same here. Seems like MS has problems updating cloudmark engine databases again. It is not a problem on your Exchange.

  3. Same problem here. Incredibly frustrating given I only installed it the previous day, so didn't bode well for us..

    Posted on the technet forums without little response.

    Suspected it was a dodgy file so checked for RSS or blog posts at Cloudmark or MS – found nothing..

    Surely someone knew what the issue was early on and could have posted a quick update somewhere to save us admins wasting a weekend troubleshooting. :((

  4. Had the same problem. Check again this morning and all was green. Assume an issue with MS site which is hosting these updates. Would be nice to be able to individually verify or create repository locations without using FPE.


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