Command Logging In Exchange 2010…

Command Logging is a new feature in Exchange 2010 Console. It can be used to track all changes made using the exchange console. The list of commands can be exported into a file if needed.

The feature is not enabled by default. In order to turn it on, launch EMC (of course), navigate to View –> View Exchange Management Shell Command Log.

View Command Log

Clicking onto it opens the Command Log window.

Cmd Log Window

Select “Action” and click on “Start Command Logging”.

Start Cmd Logging

From now on, anything that you do in the console will be logged. The log will be the cmdlets that was run in the background to make the actual changes.

Cmd Log

As soon as the console is closed, the logged information is lost. You can export the log into a file if needed.

Export List

In order to stop the command logging, select “Action” and click on “Stop Command Logging”.

Stop Logging

Useful feature if you want to log what changes you are making in the console or to share what you have done with your colleague.

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