Configure Custom MailTips In Exchange 2010…

MailTips is a new feature in 2010, which displays informational message while a user composes a message. As an administrator, you can configure custom mailtips for a mailbox, distribution group, dynamic distribution group, mail contact and mail enabled public folders. Common requirement will be to configure it for mailboxes and distribution groups.

For example, you can configure a custom mailtip which says "This mailbox is not monitored" for a non-monitored mailbox or "You will receive a response within 2 hours" for a helpdesk mailbox. You can even have custom mailtips for temporary staff saying "I work part time and hence response to emails will be slow" or "I am back from a long vacation and still going through my inbox" for a user who is back from long vacation. Similar action can be performed for distribution groups as well.

Let me explain how to configure custom mailtips on a mailbox named "Helpdesk". I want the users to see the message ""You will receive a response within 2 hours" while they compose an email to Helpdesk. This can be done in two ways, either from Exchange Control Panel (ECP) or Shell. You can’t use EMC for the same.

Run the following shell command to set this feature.

Set-Mailbox -identity "Helpdesk" -MailTip "You will receive a response within 2 hours"


Now, while composing a message to Helpdesk, I sure get the mailtip!


Another method for admins who are not comfortable with shell is to login to ECP with an account that has admin rights, select "My Organization" from the drop down list near "Select what to manage". Click "Users and Groups" -> Mailboxes tab. Select the Helpdesk Mailbox & click "Details" to bring the mailbox properties.


Expand the MailTip option and type "You will receive a response within 2 hours" and Save.


And the next time the a user composes an email to Helpdesk, the configured mailtip will be shown.

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  1. Hi Anonymous,

    The MailTips settings can only be set globally. You can't have one setting for User1 and another for User2.

    All users will get what you configure.

  2. Can these be enforced per user basis by the admin?

    e.g. can the admin enforce every user to see a mailtip when they are about to send an email to an external recipient? similarly, can it be left open to the end user to choose which mailtips they'd like to enable for themselves?


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