Creating Distribution Groups Overriding Naming Policy…

Distribution Group Naming Policy is a template that, we as Exchange admins, apply to all newly created distribution groups. I had explained all about configuring and using naming policy in one of my previous posts, read it here.

There will be times in which you want to cerate a distribution group with a particular name, without getting the standard policy applied. You can create new groups or modify existing ones, ignoring the naming policy been configured.

To create a new distribution group named “Executives”, without the naming policy being applied, run

New-DistributionGroup –Name “Executives” –IgnoreNamingPolicy

Create DG ignoring naming policy

The group gets created without having a “DL_” as a prefix in my lab. “DL_” as a prefix is my naming policy in this test lab.

DG created without naming policy

To modify an existing group which has naming policy applied already, run

Set-DistributionGroup "-identity “DL_ExchangeTeam” –Name “#ExchangeTeam” –DisplayName “#ExchangeTeam” –IgnoreNamingPolicy

Modify an existing DG ignoring naming policy

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