Diagnostic Logging In Exchange 2007 SP2 EMC…

One of the new features in Exchange 2007 SP2 is the ability to manage diagnostic logging from within the EMC. This feature is already available in 2010. Before the release of SP2, we had to use shell cmdlets for getting and setting diagnostic logging for various exchange parameters. The cmdlets we used are Get-EventLogLevel and Set-EventLogLevel.

Although we can still use these cmdlets for doing the same in SP2, it is now available in the exchange console, which is good news from many admins who are not that comfortable with exchange shell.

In order to increase the logging level for an exchange attribute, launch EMC and navigate to Server Configuration. Right click the server and select “Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties”. You can get the same option by right clicking the server from any nodes under Server Configuration.


Drill down and select the property that you want and set the logging level. The different levels of logging available are lowest, low, medium, high and expert. Once the logging is enabled, detailed information is available in the event viewer.


Once you have finished with increased logging, right click the server and select "Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties” and select “Reset all services to default logging level” to switch logging to the default level.


A feature that admins have been looking forward for a while and SP2 brings it to the table.

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