Diagnostic Logging In Exchange 2010…

Exchange 2010 brings the option to configure diagnostic logging using the exchange management console, an option that will be made available in exchange 2007 with the release of service pack 2.

In order to use diagnostic logging in 2010, launch the EMC. Navigate to Server Configuration and select the node depending on for which service you want logging increased. In my example, I have only one 2010 server with all three roles installed and hence I can choose any nodes under server configuration and I will get the same option.

Right click the server and click on “Manage Diagnostic Logging Properties”

It opens up a new window and you can drill down the exchange services and select the parameter and change the logging level. Once the selections have been made, click Configure.

You can always come back to the same window and reset the logging levels.

7 thoughts on “Diagnostic Logging In Exchange 2010…”

  1. Good Post Rajit. Can you please highlight which are the important parameters in logging. Recently we ran out of space in our DB beacuse of logging and we had a tough time in mail flow.
    Please best practices to track the size logs are occupying and how to manage them.

  2. Hello Rajith,

    Good article, but I have a questiion. In exchange 2003 I useed to set the MSExchangeTransport SMTP Protocol to high for diagnostic logging which meant I would see event ID 1708 whenever someone sent an email. I used this to track down bot’s etc using authenticated user accounts. I assume your instructions do the same but I don’t know where in the new event viewer I should be looking for the results.

    Any Ideas?




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