Does Office 2010 Filter Pack Need Registering With Exchange 2010 SP1 Search…

A question that came my way – Does Office 2010 filter pack (known as IFilters) be registered after installing Exchange 2010 SP1? The setup of 2010 SP1 requires you to install Office 2010 filter packs (it flags a warning if it is not installed). If the setup is run after installing the filter pack, you don’t have to do anything more. The 2010 SP1 setup registers the IFilters with Exchange search.

But, with 2010 RTM installation, the filter packs had to be registered manually (either by editing the registry or running a PowerShell script provided by Microsoft). It is recommended to install the latest 2010 filter pack (2010 SP1) while deploying Exchange 2010 SP1.

One more task that Exchange setup takes care for you Winking smile

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