How To Duplicate Conditional Access Policy In Intune

Duplicating a conditional access policy in Intune (Endpoint Manager) or Azure will come in handy if you are trying to create the same set of conditions with minor tweaks. It reduces the time it takes to get all the settings right and also avoids human error to an extend.

The policy that gets duplicated is not enabled by default and saves as a safety net, especially when you have a lot of policies applied to various groups with minor changes. Care should be taken so that the policies created are not contradicting with existing policies.

How to duplicate a CA policy in Intune

Microsoft has made it easier to duplicate policies, that too using the Intune portal. Follow the steps below to duplicate an existing policy.

Launch the Intune portal ( and navigate to Devices -> Conditional Access tab.

Click on the Policies tab within the middle pane to list all the CA policies currently in action.

Choose the CA policy that needs to be duplicated and click the ellipsis at the end of the CA policy.

This will list two options – one is to delete the policy and the other to duplicate.

You can also right click anywhere on the CA policy (not on the policy name which is a hyperlink) and the same menu will be displayed.

Click on the duplicate option, which will open up a new CA policy set with the duplicated settings. The CA policy name will have a ‘copy’ at the end.

You can give a new name, tweak the settings you need & save the policy.

The duplicated policy will not be enabled by default, even though the original policy is. You need to manually flick the switch.

This option will help Intune admins create policies with similar settings very easily.

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