Enable Lync On-Premise To Federate With Lync Online (Office 365)

One of the selling features of Lync 2010 is the ability to communicate with users outside your organization – be it a remote user, federated or PIC. How can we communicate with a company who has Office 365 subscription?

Lync 2010 doesn’t allow communication with Lync Online (Office 365) out of the box. You need to add a provider for Lync Online for the communication to work. Let me explain.

I have an Office 365 subscription with a Lync user Rajith@uclab.me. My on-premise Lync has an account Chakka@exchangemaster.me. I want my on-premise Lync deployment to communicate with Office 365. How can I do it?

Launch Lync Control Panel and navigate to External User Access –> Provider. There are only three provders by default.

Default providers

We need to create a new provider for Lync Online. Hit the New button and create a new Hosted Provider. Give LyncOnline as the name of the provider and sipfed.online.lync.com as the access edge fqdn. Select Allow all communications with this provider, unless you want something granular. Hit the Commit button.

Create provider for LyncOnline

Make sure that the new provider is enabled.

Lync Online Provider Enabled

That’s it. If you are into PowerShell, open up Lync Shell and run the following command to achieve the same result.

New-CSHostingProvider –identity LyncOnline –ProxyFqdn sipfed.online.lync.com –Enabled $True

You should now be able to add the Office 365 user in your on-premise Lync client and the presence will be updated immediately & you can chat straightaway (provided that you have enabled external communications, covered here).

Onpremise Lync client

Sure enough, the Office 365 side (OWA and Lync client) picks up the on-premise presence as well.

Office 365 client

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8 thoughts on “Enable Lync On-Premise To Federate With Lync Online (Office 365)”

  1. Hello,
    this is quite an old post, but It’s still helpful, even as a guide to accomplish it on Lync 2013.
    But I have a question about Lync Online that I think You must know:
    – a to communicate with
    The question is: Can a Lync Online customer manually add a domain with a different Edge Server, as we do it on an On-Premises Lync Server?
    ( my company has lots of domains with a single Edge Server for all domains (with only it’s own certificate) and we only have problems with Lync Online customers. All the other federations work as a charm. Including Skype :) )

  2. Hi Ranjit and Rui,

    Edge server is randomly allocated by the Office365 Lync system making sure that specific server is not becoming loaded. and this is implemeted using the Edge pool.

    Kanta Prasad


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