Error In Outlook 2003 – Your Exchange Server Administrator Has Blocked The Version of Outlook That You Are Using…

I was setting up my home lab and added a Windows XP machine with Outlook 2003 SP3 into the mix. The Exchange server was running 2010 SP1. When trying to setup the Outlook profile, I got the error below.

“Your Exchange Server administrator has blocked the version of Outlook that you are using. Contact your administrator for assistance”.

Outlook 2003 profile error

As I had scripting agent running in my lab while I was writing this article, I quickly checked to see whether the mailbox was blocked from using earlier versions of Outlook. But, it wasn’t.

MAPI Block Outlook Version

I was able to setup a profile while using Outlook 2010. That made things clear. I quickly checked to see whether I had a public folder database in my environment and I didn’t. I rarely run Outlook 2003 and hence had opted not to have public folders while installing Exchange 2010.

I created a public folder database named PF1.

Create PF DB

Now I could setup my Outlook 2003 profile without any issues.

Outlook 2003 Profile Successful

It would have been nice to have a useful error message Winking smile


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2 thoughts on “Error In Outlook 2003 – Your Exchange Server Administrator Has Blocked The Version of Outlook That You Are Using…”

  1. Well ,Nice article.
    It resolved my issue for integration of outlook 2003 profile with exchange 2010. i was aware of RPC encryption and manually handled it by checking the “Encryption data ” settings in outlook but was still getting issue because Public folder was not available in exchange2010 . This article helped me a lot.

  2. I see this error only when using a PRF file to update the Outlook 2003 profile (simply changig the name of the server). I can create a profile manually connecting to the same server with the same settings. The Exchange server in question does, in fact, have a public folder store.

    Any ideas?


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