Exchange 2007 SP2 & Windows 2008 Server Backup…

Now that Exchange 2007 SP2 has been released, it gives the ability to backup Exchange 2007 SP2 using Windows Server Backup (WSB).

Let me mention a few points before you jump into the conclusion of using it for backing up exchange.

  • Windows Server Backup is not installed by default on 2008 servers.
  • It can be installed by using Server Manager -> Add Features -> Windows Server Backup.
  • WSB can only backup at a volume (drive) level.
  • Backups can be stored to a local drive or a network drive (Local drive shouldn’t be the drive that you have selected to backup or a system drive).
  • Only disk backup is available, no option for tape.
  • Only copy or full backup of exchange can be done. Copy backup doesn’t flush the logs whereas a full one does.
  • Cannot do incremental backups of exchange.
  • If you run a “Backup Once” job, you can select just the drives that have exchange databases & logs.
  • If you want to run a scheduled job, system drive is included by default and can’t be taken off.
  • Database will be checked for consistency, backed up & logs flushed.
  • You can only backup active exchange servers, so passive node of ccr cluster cannot be backed up.
  • During exchange restore, new log files will be replayed & database will be brought to the latest state.
  • You can deselect replay of logs during restore, if you want.

In short, it can backup & restore. It is nothing like the old NTBackup!

8 thoughts on “Exchange 2007 SP2 & Windows 2008 Server Backup…”

  1. On the topic of Microsoft half-assing built-in functionality, this reminds me, I was at a Microsoft seminar years ago and a high level systems engineer remarked to us about the philosophy at Microsoft and why complementary third party software always tends to be better than built-in functionality – even with things like A.D. management tools. He said "Microsoft is a solution provider. But not always the BEST solution provider"

  2. Ya.. pretty uncool to remove functionality from a system rather than enhance it only to hail a tool that is half assed like this. Very displeased… Let's get a tool that works as good as or better than the 2003 NTBACKUP please…

  3. I agree Deepak. The new backup which exchange 2007 sp2 brings is useless. I don't know why it was highlighted as a big thing in the sp2 release.

  4. Sounds like it is unneccessary complicated and not useful in real world,

    So does that means that you cannot select individual databases or storage group for backup? I don't get why do scheduled job have to include system drive in a backup.

    Thanks for sharing..


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