Exchange 2010 DAG Needs The Same Operating System For Membership…

Just a quick note to share something that I have learned the hard way. Exchange 2010 DAG requires that all of its members to have the same operating system. Otherwise, you won’t be able to add the server as a DAG member.

Exchange 2010 is supported on both Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. All members of a DAG must run either Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2008 R2. DAG cannot contain a combination of both Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

8 thoughts on “Exchange 2010 DAG Needs The Same Operating System For Membership…”

  1. Hi Rajith ,
    Is it ok to have Different OS Editions , for Example One in 2016 Datacenter Edition and Another in 2016 Standard Edition ,
    I’m stuck in Middle of Configuring DAG , Only one server is getting added , I always receive error adding the another server .
    The error states to check my ip configuration .

  2. We currently have a setup of 4 HP physical servers with exchange 2010 in DAG.
    Is it supported that we install exchange 2010 on 2 virtual servers and introduce them in the current DAG of physical servers.

    • Hi Ajith,

      You can have a mix of servers in the DAG, but they should all have the same OS and same Exchange patch level (cumulative update).

  3. Hi
    We are planning to upgrade our mailbox server OS to windows 2012. Already the mailbox server is configured with DAG mode. So If I introduce a mailbox server with win 2012 will I be able to add the mailbox to the same DAG group or else do I need to create a new DAG?

    • Hi Kalaivani,

      The OS for all DAG members should be the same. Or else you will be in an unsupported state.
      If you want to go the safe route, create a new DAG with Win 2012 DAG members and move the mailbox.

      You cannot upgrade Windows while Exchange is on it.


  4. Thanks for sharing that, Good to know. Yes as a best pratices you do always want to keep same OS for all cluster members

    It does bring up an intresting issue when you want to upgrade your OS in your windows 2008 DAG farm, it would have to be done by creating new DAG group and moving mailboxes, real pain just to upgrade OS.

    I wonder if it is just a Best pratices check or technical limitation, Do you think it will work if create the DAG manaully by adding node in the cluster etc and running neccessary PS commands.

    Thanks, keep up the good work of sharing..


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