Exchange 2013 Is Configured To Receive Internet Emails Out Of The Box

The default installation of Exchange 2013 will allow an organization to receive emails from the internet. This is a shift from the setting we have in Exchange 2010.

An out of the box installation of a 2013 CAS has a receive connector named “Default FrontEnd <CAS Server Name>.

Def receive connector in CAS 2013

This connector is configured to accept anonymous SMTP connections from other mail servers in the internet. This means that no additional configuration is required to make your inbound email flow work!

Anonymous users set for default CAS Receive Connector in 2013

8 thoughts on “Exchange 2013 Is Configured To Receive Internet Emails Out Of The Box”

  1. Hey Rajith,

    Quick question. My ISP blocks 25 in/out. I can send email from my Exchange but can’t receive any. When I telnet to the mail server and once I enter the rcpt to command, it closes the connection and states that authentication is required on 587. I’ve tried changing the ports on the Default FrontEnd connector to 587 and it errors out saying it conflicts with another receive connector. All receive connectors are default. Even if I attempt to create another one. I’ve been googling and scouring forums for the last three weeks. I’m at my wits end. Would you be willing to point me in the right direction?

    • Are you trying to receive email from outside? If so, it will use port 25 and since it is blocked, it wont work.
      587 is used by internal clients mainly.

  2. Hi Rajith,

    I wanted to change the FQDN on the Default Frontend connector for receiving emails from the internet so that I don’t have to include the server FQDN on the SSL certificate. When I tried to update the FQDN, it gave an error indicating I will need to remove ‘Exchange Servers’ from the Permission Groups.

    Is it better to just untick ‘anonymous’ from the Default Frontend connector and create a new Internet Receive Connector and specify Anonymous connections on this new connector? That way I can specify my own FQDN and list this name on the SSL certificate?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Good day,

    I have an Exchange 2013 environment with 2 x Cas and 2 x MBX servers.

    This environment have been working well since 11/2013 and suddenly on 2nd May 2014 all my outlook clients prompted me for username and password.

    What i have tried:

    I have tried to delete the profiles on selected users with different Windows and Outlook versions.
    I have checked to see if i can ping servers from clients.
    I entered usernames and password numerous times when prompted.
    All firewalls confirmed to be off.
    Tested if i can access OWA internally. It is working perfectly fine.

    I have no idea what has caused this.

    Guys i need your assistance urgently and thank you in advance for looking into my problem.
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


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