Finding Mailbox Database Status In Exchange 2007…

Any Exchange admins would have been faced with the task of finding the status of all mailbox databases in the messaging environment, atleast once. The main thing that we are normally after is to find out whether all the databases are mounted properly and to find the ones that are not.

This simple command will help you to get a list of all your mailbox databases and see whether they are mounted or not. Some companies have this as part of their daily morning checks. Though it can be found using the exchange console, it is extremely helpful in large enterprises with too many mailbox servers.

Get-MailboxDatabase –Status | Format-Table Name, Server, Mounted


You can use the –Autosize option to have the output in an autosized format depending upon the column width.

Get-MailboxDatabase –Status | Format-Table Name, Server, Mounted -Autosize


2 thoughts on “Finding Mailbox Database Status In Exchange 2007…”

  1. I am running Microsoft Exchange 2007. All of the Microsoft Exchange Server Services are all started but the Mailbox Status is reading “unknown”. In view of this, all the incoming and outgoing messages have remained queued”. Can I get any help?

    • Hi Charles,

      Is Exchange applying back pressure? Do you have enough hard disk space, enough hardware resources like CPU and memory?



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