How Exchange Works In MSExchangeTeam Blog…

A quick post to share my happiness in getting this site listed in Microsoft Exchange Team Blog. It is listed under the “Other Cool Places” on the right hand side of the team blog. This is a real inspiration for writing more articles on Exchange Server and I will try to publish an article on a daily basis.

Thanks Nino Bilic (MSExchangeTeam) for the support.

How Exchange Works In MSExchange Team Blog

3 thoughts on “How Exchange Works In MSExchangeTeam Blog…”

  1. I had Entourage working fine with our exchange server, now Outlook 2011 after picking up my settings from Entourage will not work!!!
    Why can't MS and Apple get this RIGHT!
    I have tried manual with out success….
    Typical Mac and PC world waste of time and resources for people trying to get creative work done on their platform of choice.
    Thanks for the vent, Wayne


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