How To Create Additional Discovery Search Mailbox In Exchange 2010…

The exchange setup creates a default discovery mailbox, which will be enough for small organizations. For large companies, they may need multiple discovery mailboxes as the searches are performed frequently and the results are kept for a longer period of time.

Creating a new discovery mailbox is simple enough. Run the command below in Shell (you can’t use EMC).

New-Mailbox “Discovery Mailbox 2” –UserPrincipalName discoverymailbox2@domain.local –Discovery

The key is that the switch “-discovery” needs to be added. Apart from that, the command is the same as creating a new user mailbox.

Create discovery mailbox

Once the mailbox has been created, you need to assign full access to the “Discovery Management” group. It is easy enough to do it from the console. Right click the mailbox, select “Manage Full Access Permission” and add the group.

Give full access to discovery mailbox

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