Installing Hyper-V in Windows 8…

Yes, you read that right. Windows 8 client (and server of course) comes with Hyper-V v3.

Both the server and client versions of Windows 8 is shipped to have Hyper-V 3 running. You can start run VMs from your laptop, without installing the server version or third party applications!

In order to install Hyper-V on a Windows 8 machine, get the run tab (windows button + R) and type in optionalfeatures.exe & press enter. You can also navigate through Control Panel –> Programs & features. Select Hyper-V and click ok. Notice that the new Hyper-V comes with it’s own set of PowerShell cmdlets.


Windows will install the Hyper-V feature and click “Finish” when done. In order to launch Hyper-V manager, follow this post.

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