Invalid Token Error While Importing RSA Software Token To BlackBerry

I came across a strange issue while setting up RSA software tokens for blackberry handhelds – Invalid Token error while trying to import.

The user has his mailbox in Office 365 (hybrid deployment) and makes use of the Blackberry cloud services for Office 365.

While setting up the RSA software token, I was able to generate a token and send it to the user’s blackberry via email.

But, when I select the attachment (token file which has an extension of “sdtid”), the import fails with the error that the “Invalid token, import failed. Contact your administrator”.

The tokens get downloaded from the RSA security console as a zip file, but I extracted the token file and sent that via email – No luck.

The issue was that for the blackberry handheld to recognize the attachment as a token file, it needs a prefix “x-rimdevice-“ on the token file name.

For example, if the token generated has a name Rajith_003272.sdtid, the file has to be renamed to x-rimdevice-Rajith_003272.sdtid before it is sent to the user’s inbox.

Once the “correct” file name was used, the handheld picked it up as a token file and imported successfully. Not may use software RSA token, but hopefully this will help someone trying to configure it ;)

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