Mailbox Database Copy and Circular Logging In Exchange 2010…

An interesting point to note for organizations going backup-less by enabling circular logging! If circular logging is enabled on a mailbox database, you cannot create a copy of that database. The error message displayed is self explanatory.

Database DB1 has circular logging enabled. It is not possible to add or remove database copies while circular logging is enabled. Please disable circular logging before adding or removing mailbox database copies.

Circular Logging

Of course, you can disable circular logging and proceed with creating a database copy. So, what about organizations that want to use circular logging for one reason or the other? The process is to disable circular logging first, create a mailbox database copy and then enable circular logging. By default, circular logging is not enabled.

The process has to be reversed if you want to remove a database copy which has circular logging enabled.

Circular logging can be enabled or disabled using the console or shell. Launch the properties of the database and navigate to “Maintenance” tab. Check/uncheck the box for desired result.

Enable CL

Each time circular logging is enabled or disabled, the database has to be dismounted and mounted back for the changes to take effect.

Mount dismount

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  1. On my end circular logging is unchecked still I cannot configure windows backup successfully, i get the message “circular logging cannot be disabled to backup exchange server”.

    Running SBS2011 over Hyper-V and have setup iSCSI on SBS2011 to connect with SYnology disk station. Volume is sucessfully connnected and mounted in the server but I cannot configure the backup. Any ideas?

    I have various VSS writers “waiting for completion” SQL, Sharepoint, VSS etc.. don’t know which one to stop and which one to not..


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