Mailbox Move Request Details Exposed In Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta Console…

The new 2010 SP1 Beta Console brings in more useful information (compared to 2010 RTM) for an administrator regarding a mailbox move request. In Exchange 2010, once a mailbox move request is initiated, the progress can be checked in “Recipient Configuration –> Move Request”.

2010 RTM only exposes few details regarding the mailbox move request.

General tab

In 2010 SP1 Beta, the properties of the mailbox move request has two additional tabs and the “General” tab has new information as well.

General tab in 2010 sp1

The “Details” tab exposes information like the server which handled the move, time the mailbox move started, time it finished, queue duration, queue time etc.

Details tab

The “Log” tab exposes the full log of the mailbox move within the console. You are not given an info as to where the log file is stored, but it exposes the log straightaway which is very easy and useful.

Log tab

You can copy the full log to a text file as well.

View log

Administrators can now find full information regarding a mailbox move easily and diagnose what went wrong, all from within the console!

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