Mailbox Size In Outlook 2010 Technical Preview…

The Outlook 2010 Technical Preview edition brings a very nice feature for the users, to find out how big their mailbox is and what the maximum size allowed is. In order to find the information, click on the “Office Button” which is next to the “Home” tab.

Outlook Office Button

It brings up the “Account Information” window and in the “Mailbox Cleanup” section, it shows the mailbox usage, something that we are used to in Gmail. It really helps the users to keep their mailbox within limits.

Outlook 2010

The Cleanup Tools provide user with links to archive, empty “deleted items” folder and run mailbox cleanup wizard.

Outlook 2010 Option

3 thoughts on “Mailbox Size In Outlook 2010 Technical Preview…”

  1. Rajith.. Good to know what is coming in outlook 2010. Thanks for sharing, In pervious version, users could find out size of mailbox but not many users knew how to find out,

    Would be intrested to see what this mailbox cleanup tool does? I take it to move mailbox to archive it has another button "Archive", so what this cleanup tool is about. Will this tool have some type of search and delete wizard?


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