MailTips For Individual Mailboxes Are Not Displayed When Selecting A Distribution Group In Exchange 2010…

This is more of an observation from my part, an “fyi” post. When you select a distribution group in the “To” filed to compose an email, MailTips from individual mailboxes (who are members of that distribution group) are not displayed.

Let me explain with an example. I have an account named “Chakka” who has out of office set. Hence, whenever I try to send an email to Chakka, a MailTip will be displayed with Chakka’s OOF message.

Individual Mailtip displayed

This account is a member of a distribution group named “Family”.

Distribution group membership

So, when I select “family” distribution group in the “To” field, I don’t get a MailTip warning me that Chakka is out of the office.

Mailtips not displayed for individual users

Exchange is coded this way to ignore individual MailTips while selecting a distribution group to improve the performance. It won’t be of any use to display individual MailTips to the sender, as his/her intention is to send an email to the distribution group irrespective of the status of the individual mailboxes!

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