Managing MailTips Setting In Outlook 2010…

All Exchange 2010 administrators are familiar with MailTips and everyone will agree that it is very useful. As an admin, you can only configure the various MailTips that will be displayed for the users. There is no way by which you can selectively control which all MailTips should be shown to various users, whether to display MailTips or not (on a per user basis).

But, as an end user, you can control which all MailTips you want or can even turn off MailTips fully while using Outlook 2010. OWA 2010 doesn’t provide this option at all.

In order to customize your MailTips setting, select “Options” from the File menu in Outlook 2010.


Click on “Mail” and select “MailTips Options”.

MailTips Options

Customize the settings the way you want. You can even turn off MailTips completely and there is no way for an admin to force it.

Options for MailTips

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