Managing Mobile Devices Using Exchange 2007 Console…

More and more employees are starting to use mobile devices to sync their company email. The main devices we have are Apple iPhone and Windows Mobile phones. Companies who have blackberries normally have a blackberry server in house. As an exchange admin, you can manage & troubleshoot activesync devices using exchange 2007 management console. Right click the user account & if the user has a mobile device associated, you will see a new option called “Manage Mobile Device”.

Manage Mobile

Selecting that option allows us to do the following.

  • Remotely wipe the device.
  • Remove mobile device partnership.
  • Shows the last synchronization time.
  • Shows the first synchronization time.
  • Shows the last time the activesync policy was updated
  • Shows the recovery password to unlock the phone, if the user has configured a device password. User can use OWA as well to get the recovery password.

Manage Mobile Device

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  1. Iphone uses ActiveSync to sync the emails & hence Exchange Console can manager it, just like any other windows phone.


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