Message Headers In Outlook 2010…

More Exchange admins are trying out Outlook 2010 with a view to deploy it in the organization and are finding the new features by trial & error. One change in Outlook 2010 which exchange admins use the most is the “Message Headers”. All you had to do was to right click the message and click on “Options” in previous versions of Outlook.

This has been changed in Outlook 2010 and has been moved to the “File” tab in the message. Let me explain with a test email which I had sent to myself. Right clicking the email in Outlook doesn’t bring “Options”. You need to open the message.

Test Email

Click on the “File” tab in the top left hand corner.

 File tab in message

The “File” tab exposes many options, out of which one is “Properties”.

 Messaege Properties

Click on “Properties” and you can see your message headers.

Message Headers

Now, the shortcut method. Open the email as the above method.

test email

Click on the arrow just below the “Follow Up” button, which is a shortcut for “Message Options”.

Follow up

And you have your message header.

Message Headers

Happy troubleshooting!

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