Migration Batch Or Move Request For Office 365 Migration?

While migrating from on-premise Exchange to Office 365, which one is a better choice - the new Migration Batch or the good old Move Request?


This is an open question with no right or wrong answer! Both options can be used for moving your mailboxes from on-premise to Exchange Online.

Below are my observations from working for a number of customers.

  • Both are valid options.
  • The new Migration Batch approach bundles in a lot more health checks on the Office 365 side.
  • The batches take a long time before it actually starts to move the content.
  • Lot more delays in "picking up" the jobs.
  • I pulled out some of the mailboxes from the migration batch and put them through move requests and they got picked up & processed straight away.
  • The batch migration method is very useful for a small firm in my opinion, but when you have large amounts of data that needs to be processed at the minimum amount of time, move requests have been very efficient in my experience.
  • You may end up with a process of pre-creating the batches in advance with the intention of starting it according to a schedule. But there is no way to validate the users in the various batches without actually starting the batch (of course, you can play with the csv files).
  • The Microsoft Fast Track team don't use the migration batch method themselves, as they privately admit that the move requests give them lot more control and throughput.

What was your experience using Migration batch / Move request? Please comment below and let's see how organizations are pumping data into Exchange Online!


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  1. Thanks for the post. I was searching for a comparison and advise simply for migration mailboxes across DAGs, but it sounds like the same factors would be relevant here.


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