No More PFDAVAdmin In Exchange 2010, But ExFolders!

As I wrote in one of my previous articles, Exchange 2010 doesn’t support WebDAV at all. This means that PFDAVAdmin (a great tool) will not work in a 2010 environment, as the tool uses WebDAV for its functionality. Microsoft engineers have released a similar tool named ExFolders.

Few points to note:

  • The tool is not officially supported by Microsoft.
  • It has to be installed on a 2010 server, and only on a 2010 server!
  • It works against both 2007 & 2010 exchange.
  • Though it will work against a 2007 server, it shouldn’t be installed on 07.
  • It has new features compared with PFDAVAdmin.

Download it here

Check Exchange Team blog for more info

12 thoughts on “No More PFDAVAdmin In Exchange 2010, But ExFolders!”

  1. Is there any harm in importing the reg file. I would not want to screw up my production machine. Although reading through the posts it looks like it will be fine.

    • It will be fine Liam. You can take a backup of the registry before you make any changes, just to be on the safe side.

  2. When running the tool on an EX2010 enviroment i receive the below error. I see all the users in the DB. Yet when i expand the users i see the below as well.

    Failed to read properties: Method not found: 'Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal.FromLegacyDN(System.String, Boolean)'.
    Exception: Method not found: 'Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.ExchangePrincipal.FromLegacyDN(System.String, Boolean)'.
    Stack: at Microsoft.Exchange.ExFolders.StoreAccessXSO.GetMailboxRoot(MailboxRootFolderInfo rootInfo)
    at Microsoft.Exchange.ExFolders.StoreAccessXSO.GetChildFolders(FolderInfo parentInfo, Boolean getDeleted)
    at Microsoft.Exchange.ExFolders.CommonStuff.PopulateChildNodes(TreeNode parentNode)
    at Microsoft.Exchange.ExFolders.BulkOpWorker.Go()
    Operation aborted.

  3. I have the same problem.
    Imported reg file and started exfolders form the bin folder on exchange 2010 throws the same error.

    Is there any sollution?

    Thank you in advance
    Herbert Knavs

  4. I am running it locally. But get the same message as mentioned above. Set the regisrty value, copied the exe file into exchange bin folder…Hmm

  5. I've the same problem as 'Anonymous' before – I cannot connect to the PF DB with "user wasn't found" error, however I can connect to any MBX DB w/o problems. I trying it under account beening member of EntADmins, DomAdmins, ExOrgAdmins, ExPFADmins and running the ExFolders.exe as Administrator… no luck :(

    I've set logging in ExFolders, however no log was generated :(

    How to solve this?

  6. I've followed the readme but when i try to connect to a PF I get "The Active Directory user wasn't found". I can connect o mailboxes fine.


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