Office 365 Trial

Microsoft is offering a 30 days trial for both the P1 & E3 packages. The P1 is for professionals & small businesses and E3 for midsize & large enterprises.

Office 365 Trial

You don’t have to spend a penny to try Office 365, as you will be given a custom domain. You can test the AD & Exchange 2010 integration with the E3 package.

Try Office 365 here and make sure you select E3 if you want to play with on-premise & cloud integration. Microsoft doesn’t ask for credit card details and hence your trial will expire without incurring any charge, even if you forget about it.

3 thoughts on “Office 365 Trial”

  1. Hi Rajith,

    My client is planning to go for Office 365. They have around 400 mail box setup.What do you think.Is it a good idea?. Will they face performance issues?

    • Hi Rufes,

      Are they going purely to Office 365, without any on-premise Exchange or Lync? It is good, takes few minutes to setup and email, SharePoint and Lync starts working. They need to work out whether paying MS for 400 users is going to be expensive or not, compared to having everything in house.

      I am doing a trail and will write more posts about the setup in the coming days.


    • Rufes,

      Moreover, your client can sign up for the trial and see the performance for themselves. They can use the domain which MS gives for testing.


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