OWA Mini In Exchange 2010 SP2…

Exchange 2010 SP2 brings a lightweight browser based client, called OWA (Outlook Web App) Mini and is designed to be used in mobile phones.
It is pretty much like the OMA in Exchange 2003. You can access the OWA Mini by appending /oma at the end of your OWA url. For example, my OWA url is https://mail.theucguy.net/owa and hence my OWA Mini url will be https://mail.theucguy.net/owa/oma.
A user must use the full url to access OWA mini. Once logged in, it gives a simple html page. 
OWA Mini
OWA Mini Folder Structure
There are only two options that can be set – change the time zone and turn on/off automatic replies.
OWA Mini Options
OWA Mini respects the OWA segmentation in place and public OWA timeout values. There is no logoff button as well.

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  1. Thanks for the info. On the OMA site example above, you’re showing an SSL issue. If I already have my SSL working properly for my OWA site, will appending OMA cause an alert?


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