No 32bit Exchange 2010?

Microsoft has confirmed in their blog that they will not release a 32bit version of Exchange 2010 like the previous editions. This means that we need to move to a 64bit compatible desktop or laptop for testing & training purposes. More info here

Exchange 2007 SP2 Is Coming…

Microsoft has confirmed that they will be releasing SP2 for Exchange server 2007 in the third quarter of 2009. Of the number of fixes it will provide, the most awaited option is the exchange backup plugin for windows 2008 server. Till now, backing up exchange 2007 using the 2008 server backup utility is not supported.

Use Windows 2008 Server as a workstation?

I installed Windows 2008 on my laptop successfully in order to play with Hyper-V. My laptop is 64bit and supports hardware virtualization. The first thing that I tried after that was to connect to my wireless router to update windows. To my surprise, the wireless card was disabled. I tried enabling it, but it just

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