Recovering An Exchange 2007 Server…

Let’s say that your only exchange server, which hosts all the roles have died and you need to build a new exchange server. In order to have a working server, follow the steps.

  1. Build a new server with the same operating system and drives.
  2. Give it the same name as the dead one.
  3. Reset the server account in AD and add the new server to the domain.
  4. Install Exchange 2007 prerequisites and patch the Windows OS.
  5. Run /M:RecoverServer from the exchange dvd prompt.

Information about your old exchange server will be pulled from AD and the new server will be built. Certain things which are not stored in AD like send connectors, receive connectors, certificates, customized OWA experience have to be reconfigured.

Note that DisasterRecovery switch in 2000 and 2003 is no longer available in 2007 and has been replaced with the RecoverServer switch. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot recover an edge transport role using this switch, as the information is not stored in AD.

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