How To Rename Windows Device Using Intune

This article explains how to rename an Intune enrolled Windows machine from the Endpoint Manager (Intune) portal.

You might run into scenarios where you want to rename an Intune enrolled Windows machine. And it will come in very handy if the user is in a remote site with little to no IT support. You may also want to rename your test machines to a name that is easy to identify in the device list.

Rename Windows Device Using Intune Portal

Whatever maybe forcing you to rename a machine, below are the steps to get it done.

Launch the Intune portal & navigate to Devices -> Windows -> Windows Devices.

Find the machine that you want to rename and select it.

There are two ways to rename the machine. First option is to click on the Properties blade within the middle pane. Click on the Rename button next to the device name.

Second option is to click on the three dots at the end of the main menu within the middle pane.

Select the Rename button from the drop down list.

A new window opens up, enter the new name that you need, select the restart option and click on the Rename button.

The notifications tile gets updated with the rename and restart tasks.

Device will be restarted the next time the machine syncs with Intune. You can also force the machine to sync and manually restart the machine.

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