Scoped Send Connector In Exchange 2010…

An option that goes unnoticed while creating a send connector in Exchange 2010 is “Scoped Send Connector”. Given that exchange admins will only be configuring a send connector once in a while (especially in small companies where there will be only one send connector (*)), it is quite common that the option gets missed.

The option to configure a send connector as “scoped” is exposed in the EMC, while creating a new connector.

Enable scopped send connector

If selected, it gets reflected in the summary window as well.

Scopped send connector summary

So, what is a scoped send connector? When a send connector has the “scoped” option enabled, the connector can only be used by Hub servers in the same Active Directory site. If it is not selected, the connector can be used by all Hub servers in the environment. This option will only interest Exchange admins who manage large Exchange deployments spanning multiple AD sites, having multiple internet breakout points.

It is an option Exchange Architects should be aware of when designing complex Exchange environments.

You can change the send connector scope by running the command

Set-SendConnector “name” –IsScopedConnector $true/$false

Changing scope connector option in shell

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