Setting Default Domain In Office 365

By default, the * is the active and default domain that is configured in Office 365.

This means that whenever you create a new user, the default username will always be user@*

New User

You can always use the drop down menu and select the domain you need. But, if you have company with a lot of staff turnover (like trainee staff), it is better to have your  domain as the default one.

To accomplish this, login to the Office 365 portal and click on your company name (top left hand corner).

Edit company

A new window comes up, click Edit.

Edit company details

You now have the option to change the primary verified domain.

Change primary domain

Click OK and close.

Next time you create a new user, you will have your own domain selected.

New user with your own domain name

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  1. Thanks Rajith – your article pointed me in the right direction to set our defaul domain. (btw, I don’t think your images are displaying properly anymore (and the UI has moved on). I used:

    Hamburger menu in top left > setup > Get your custom domain set up > Manage > click the domain > set default.


  2. HI –
    could you pls advice me with my concerns,
    we’re in school environment with office365 for students and in house exchange 2013 for teachers, when teacher send an email to student (exchange-to-office365) it ends at the junk folder of the student there away to trust my domain on office365 ?



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