Stop Users From Updating Contact Info In Active Directory Using ECP…

One of the questions I got in response to my previous article “Customizing Default Role Assignment Policy” is the steps to stop users from updating contact information (like street, city, state, postal code, office, telephone numbers, fax etc) through Exchange Control Panel.

Edit contact info in ECP

The solution is straightforward and you don’t have to use the Shell, if you don’t want to. Let me explain the process. Login to ECP using an admin account and navigate to Manage My Organization –> Roles & Auditing –> User Roles.

User Roles

Double click on “Default Role Assignment Policy” to bring up the settings. Uncheck what you don’t want users to do under the “Contact Information” part. Uncheck all boxes if you don’t want users to update anything at all and save the policy.

Editing MyContact Info

Next time a user logs in, he/she will have the options to edit been greyed out.

Options greyed out

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