Remove Client Access Array In Exchange 2010 SP1 – The Right Way…

The title seems simple enough and it is, if the right syntax is used. Removing a CAS array can be performed using the Remove-ClientAccessArray cmdlet. Anyone would think that the identity parameter that follows the remove command will be the name of the CAS array. But no, the identity parameter is looking for the FQDN of the CAS array.

Surprisingly, the TechNet documentation is wrong as well.

Remove CAS Array Technet

I have a CAS array named “HEW CAS Array” with an fqdn

Get CAS Array

Running Remove-ClientAccessArray –identity “HEW CAS Array” (as mentioned in TechNet) gives the error shown below.

Remove CAS Array Error

The correct syntax is Remove-ClientAccessArray –identity “fqdn of cas array”. The identity parameter is optional though.

Remove correctly

Hopefully Microsoft will update the article soon Winking smile

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