Turn On Mailbox Quota Information In Outlook 2010…

One of my previous article explains as to how to find the mailbox quota information from Outlook 2010. Another easier way to find the information is to turn on the "Quota Information" in Outlook 2010.

The quota information shows the amount of free space that is left in your mailbox quota and the number of items you have in each folder, say Inbox, Sent Items etc as you navigate from one folder to the other.

The feature is turned off by default. In order to switch it on, right click anywhere on the bottom Outlook 2010 bar.

Right click

Click on the first option "Quota Information" and you will see that it switches to the "On" mode.

Turn on quota info

You can now see the amount of free space left and the number of items you have in each folder, in the bottom left hand corner.

Quota Info 

Useful feature and right in front of you!

  1. Hi Rajith
    Many thanks for your nice info. Can you please advice me how i can view online archive quota status in outlook 2007/2010 or in OWA. We are using exchange 2010 SP1


  2. Quota Information On/Off flag depends on either "prohibit send/receive quota" is set or not. It is odd if you ask me, but thats how Micoroft made it.

    If you set this quota then the 'on/off' flag will come on after server replicates the changes. Otherwise it will always stay off even if quota information option in Outlook is enabled.

  3. Hi Ambers,

    It shows your quota as set by the admin in Exchange. If the user is in cached mode, the OST file will be pretty much similar in size to your mailbox anyway.

  4. Not sure whether there is a Group Policy setting to set this value. Maybe its set to "off" in your case and hence it is resetting when you try to change it.

    I haven't played with Outlook 2010 policies yet, I should admit, but worth checking.

  5. I see this option, but when I select it, it gets a check mark to the left and still says "Off." I probably would not have even noticed, but someone brought the issue to me and asked how to fix it. I found that my account is the same way. Can you think of a setting from the server side that might cause this?


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