Turning DAC Mode Off In Exchange 2010…

I got an email today asking whether it is possible to turn off DAC mode once it has been set and if it is possible, the right way of doing it. The sender says that all articles talks about setting the DAC mode, but none says how to switch it off. I must admit that I have been getting a number of emails after I published my contact details here. (Please bear with me guys who haven’t had a response to the emails yet).

To answer the question, yes it is possible to turn the DAC mode off (the default mode). You can turn it back on at any time as well. To understand about how DAC mode works, read my previous article here.

Run the command in Exchange Shell to switch the DAC mode off.

Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup “DAG Name” –DatacenterActivationMode Off

Turn DAC mode off

To turn it back on, run Set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup “DAG Name” –DatacenterActivationMode DagOnly

Set DAC Mode

You can check the DAC mode using Get-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup “DAG Name” | fl name, *mode

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