Update Exchange Help In Shell

In previous versions of Exchange, there was always a difference between the help info on TechNet and the one displayed in the local shell window. This has been changed from Exchange 2013 CU2+

The local cmdlet help was only updated with new CUs and service packs. But from 2013 CU2+ onwards, an administrator can update the local help as and when they want – to synchronize it with the latest changes published in TechNet.

All you need is an Exchange box with an internet connection. Run the “Update-ExchangeHelp” cmdlet from the shell and the latest help files will be downloaded from the internet.

Running this cmdlet on my machine running Exchange 2013 SP1 was very quick, as the local help is pretty much up-to-date.


You can use the same technique to update all the Windows PowerShell specific cmdlets and modules help. The command to run is Update-Help.

It took about 30seconds for the help to update on my brand new Windows 2012 R2 box.

Update-Help in Powershell

Update-Help in Powershell continued

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